Group 1:
Bahavior Change and its impact on delivering LCSs
Group Chairs Prof. Jeremy Watson
  Dr. Yuichi Moriguchi
Rapporteur Dr. Steve Cornelius
Aim of the working group : Group1

The objective of this working group will be to discuss the levers that can trigger behavior change and how best to employ them. We should aim to be able to deliver key messages on the most effective behavior changes in relation to dealing with future energy demand and use. Discussion should also identify what barriers exist in delivering behavior change towards more efficient energy use and what policies should be implemented to overcome them. We should also aim to discuss what the various roles are for key actors in modern society, including Government, businesses, individuals and organizations. It is interesting to find relationship between post-mass production/consumption/waste age and LCSs.

It is expected that we agree on the priority of built and transport sector for behavior change supported by appropriate regulatory frameworks and urban planning.

Key Questions: Group1
  • What are the main levers in behavior change, what barriers need to be overcome?,

  • What roles exist for different actors i.e. individuals, businesses, Governments, etc?

  • What are the roles of policy options, including regulations and setting standards, for behavior change?

  • In particular, how consumption patterns of the developed countries can betackled in the context of behavior change?

Group Discussion: Group1
Day 1
Plenary Session (1): Group1
Key-note speech
  Mr. Charles Secrett
    " Low Carbon London Changing Behavior "  
[pdf: 53kB]

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Parallel Session (1): Group1
Lead speech
  Dr. Jun Fujimoto
    " ICT and Life-style "  
[pdf: 19kB]

[pdf: 292kB]
  Dr. Murari Lal
    " New Delhi Plan - Low Carbon Future Road Map to Low Carbon World Bhartiya Climate Index "  
[pdf: 19kB]

[pdf: 475kB]
  Mr. Masa Ohara
    " Tokyo Climate Change Strategy "  
[pdf: 17kB]

[pdf: 826kB]
  Prof. Ichiro Ozawa
    " Behavioral Change of Planners & Developers "  
[pdf: 52kB]

[pdf: 299kB]
  Prof. Ho Chin Sion
    " Malaysia vision and pathway towards Low carbon society (LCS) "  
[pdf: 18kB]

[pdf: 2.79MB]
  Mr. Yasuo Takahashi
    " Building a Low Carbon Society "  
[pdf: 26kB]

[pdf: 985kB]
Day 2
Plenary Session (2): Group1
Key-note speech
  Dr. Yuichi Moriguchi
    " Low carbon society in contrast to a society with mass consumption of energy and resources "  
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Parallel Session (2): Group1
Lead speech
  Dr. Renaud Crassous
    " Towards a Low Carbon Society in France "  
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[pdf: 51.4kB]
  Dr. Shobhakar Dhakal
    " Low carbon cities and behavioral change:
Personal reflections from a recent event "
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  Ms. Mariko Hanada
    " For " Low-Carbon Society " by Changing Citizens' behavior "  
[pdf: 17kB]

[pdf: 3.21MB]
  Mr. Akiyasu Kurishima
    " Japanese Urban Policies to Tackle
Climate Change "
[pdf: 24kB]

[pdf: 538kB]
  Mr. Teruaki Masumoto
    " Behavioral Change toward Low Carbon Society
- Role of Business, Consumers and Government "
[pdf: 23kB]

[pdf: 345kB]
  Dr. Naoki Matsuo
    " Institutional Framework to Foster People's Behavioral Change for LCS "  
[pdf: 17kB]

[pdf: 2.74MB]
  Prof. Michael Norton
    " Barriers to a Low-Carbon Society "  
[pdf: 15kB]

[pdf: 656kB]
  Prof. Jim Skea
    " Carbon Footprints and Consumers "  
[pdf: 17kB]

[pdf: 75.5kB]
Overall Discussions : Group1
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