Past COP side events:

UNFCCC COP22 official side event “Promoting Low Carbon Asia for the Paris Agreement: Cases of National and Local Experience on NDC activities and market mechanisms”

Date Wednesday, 9 Novemver 2016
Time 11:30 -- 13:00
Venue Berting
Organized by National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), University of Technology Malaysia (UTM), Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center, Japan (OECC), Ministry of Environment, Japan (MOEJ)
Coordinator Dr. Junichi Fujino (NIES/IGES)


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Overview of the side event

After the adoption of the Paris Agreement, while development of national level plans such as NDCs have been making progress, development of city level plans for the realization of low-carbon cities are also becoming active. With understanding this background and focusing on city-level activities, some actual examples of activities including city-to-city collaboration through the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) and utilization of the Asia-Pacific Integrated Model (AIM) will be introduced. In the discussion session, panelists will discuss how national-level and city-level activities can create synergistic effects to accelerate the movement to further achieve low-carbon or decarbonized societies in the future.


Opening Remarks
Prof. Ho Chin Siong, University Technology Malaysia (UTM)
Mr. Yoshihiro Mizutani, Ministry of the Environment Japan (MOEJ)
State of Play – Opportunities, Challenges and Support of NDC Implementation
Mr. Ranping Song, World Resource Institute (WRI)
Japan’ Supporting Activities: modeling/city twinning/market mechanism
Mr. Mizutani (MOEJ)
Our collaboration for Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) Development and Implementations
Dr. Junichi Fujino (NIES)
12:15-12:35 Case Studies in Asia
Promoting Low carbon development: Case study of HCM- Osaka City Cooperation Project
Dr. Pham Van Tan (MONRE, Vietnam)
Kuala Lumpur Low Carbon Society 2030
Datuk Hj Sahrom Ujang (Kuala Lumpur City Hall)
Panel Discussion
<Leading discussant>
Prof. Ho Chin Siong (UTM)
Boyd Joeman (IRDA)
13:00 Adjourn

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